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Russian Lips: The Technique to Tantalise

By 16 February 2023March 16th, 2023No Comments

A look that offers perfect shape while retaining subtlety – Russian lips is a cosmetic injectable technique that took the world by storm. Models and celebrities alike pine over the contemporary style associated with the Russian lip technique that provides volume and lift without overdoing any other aspects. The technique focuses on shaping the lips into a subtle attractive shape by accentuating the cupid’s bow. The allure of the look stems from the natural plumpness derived from increasing the height of the lips. Not only are the lips shaped perfectly as a result, but they also provide an aesthetic lip border to boot.

As one of Victoria’s leading cosmetic beauticians, Victorian Skin and Laser Clinic specialise in a range of lip enhancement techniques. The following article will provide a comprehensive overview of the Russian Lip technique and everything you need to know from procedure to pain relief.
Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic Russian Lip Technique

Origins of the Russian Lips

The title provided to Russian Lips originated from the Russian stacking dolls known as Matryoshka or Babushka. These dolls are often witnessed having a style of lips akin to that of cupid’s bow, a shape epitomized by that of a heart. The Russian Lip Filler was intended to provide the effect of the Babushka doll to the fullness of the lips while preserving a natural look and feel. A technique that was popularised in Russia for years, the trend has permeated into mainstream culture and turned into a massive favourite amongst the masses. The creator of the technique is said to have used a process named tenting where he aimed to expose and unroll the red portion of the lip while ensuring the white roll remains elevated and defined. The technique is called tenting as the filler used in the centre of the lips acts as structure, a tent pole if you will, for the lip to unroll.

The Russian style lips are a result of combining an improved height in the lips with a doll-like natural plumpness, while taking caution not to project them to the side. Your lips are thus everted without causing any imbalance to the side profile of your face. The filler technique involved requires an expert cosmetic doctor administering an injection towards your lip’s vermillion border. The vermillion border is the surrounding area of your lip wherefrom the filler product will be drawn outwards to the lip border – completing the procedure. 

The filler is injected as smaller droplets and requires a skilled hand to ensure the lip body widens, lifts, and opens while holding onto lip projection; an important step with many a Russian lip filler gone wrong if done haphazardly. The ingredients that make up the dermal fillers used in the procedure numb the treatment area and subsequently don’t require anesthesia. The use of anesthesia is advised against in some cases due to side effects such as uneven results, swollen lips and increased recovery periods.

Most Russian lip fillers require less than 60 minutes, with visible results appearing soon after. Any previous dermal fillers would need to be removed to continue with the Russian lip technique. You can expect an immediate return to daily activities despite a certain amount of swelling or bruising.

Differences between a Russian Lip Filler and Traditional Lip Fillers

A standard lip filled procedure differs from a Russian lip filler in its method of injection. While the volume of the filler is spread evenly throughout the body of the lips with standard procedures, the Russian lip technique involves smaller amounts of filler injected vertically from the outer border of the lips inward. The former aims to create an even fullness to the lips whereas the latter achieves a natural, aesthetically pleasing, plump look without massively overdoing fullness of the lips. The standard procedure typically injects filler into the bottom lip to reduce the distance from the bottom lip to the chin. Conversely, Russian fillers involve the lips widening, lifting and opening while ensuring projection.

The Russian Lip Technique Checklist

With various lip enhancement techniques on the market, making the right choice for your desired outcomes is crucial to reduce any post surgery dissonance. Refer to the below checklist we have created to ensure Russian Lips are the best option for you and your lip journey:

  • You want to aesthetically improve the vertical height and shape of your lips
  • You do not want to overly project your lips when viewing your side profile
  • You have never done any previous lip filler / You have minimal or dissolved filler in your lips
  • You have a thinner top lip or a long philtrum (the vertical groove between the base of the nose and the border of the upper lip)
  • You want to use the additional height from your lips to attain overall facial balance

While the above checklist is indicative of ideal prerequisites to getting a Russian lip filler procedure, not everyone falls within this list. Please consult your local cosmetic experts to receive guidance that is relevant to you. The professionals at Victorian Skin and Laser Clinic are specialists in lip enhancement techniques that provide defined natural looks with low recovery periods.
Russian Lip Fillers performed at Victoria Laser & Skin Clinic

Things to know before getting lip filler procedures:

The importance of understanding the following aspects of a cosmetic enhancement procedure before undertaking a dermal filler appointment like the Russian lips technique cannot be overstated:

  1. Lip fillers usually showcase immediate results post treatment and last up to 6-18 months.
  2. Some individuals can be prone to swelling and bruising with side effects remaining for a few days after the treatment. In some cases, the effects wear off by itself. Subsequently, avoiding performing lip treatments before important events such as weddings is recommended.
  3. Activities such as exercise, massages or facials can increase blood flow and obstruct the effects of the treatment
  4. Preventative medication for cold sores before or after your treatment is recommended to avoid any potential flare ups.

The Russian lip filler technique, while enticing, has certain aspects to take into consideration before heading straight into treatment. Qualified professionals with years of expertise using a tailored approach are important in attaining your desired look. Naturally aesthetic cosmetic treatments help enhance features and are only achieved with the use of technology in the right hands. The key to a positive cosmetic outcome relies on picking the right clinic. Perfect your Russian lip look and start your cosmetic journey with Victorian Skin and Laser Clinic today!

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