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5 Myths About Laser Hair Removal That You Need to Debunk Right Away!

By 24 February 2020June 16th, 2023No Comments

Laser hair removal has been increasingly growing in popularity through the years, and it is no surprise why. It is not only the quickest and the most comfortable, but also the most effective way to get rid of unwanted body hair for long periods of time. It has been quite a life-changer and a confidence-booster for those who were unhappy with excessive natural body hair. Despite all of this, there are still quite a few myths about laser hair removal that hold back the ones who really want to get it done. In this post, we will look at some of these myths and perceptions, and tell you the truth as it is.

Myth #1:

It is not safe, and exposes you to harmful radiation

This is probably one of the strongest myths associated with laser hair removal today, and here are the real facts! The safety of this procedure is largely dependent upon the type of laser used, and the professional who administers it. So, it helps to go to a reputed clinic like Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic, which has proven expertise and experience when it comes to laser hair removal, to minimize any associated risks. Our laser technicians closely examine skin type to select the best type of laser to be used, before starting the procedure.

Myth #2:

You only need one session for permanent hair removal

This is yet another popular myth. It is not possible to get rid of all hair in one session. This is because the laser can only act on hair that is in its growing phase. Every strand of hair will have a different growth cycle and timing. Therefore, you will find new hairs sprouting up every few days, even after your first session. This is the reason why multiple sessions are needed, so that all the hair can be removed when they reach their optimal growth phase.

Myth #3:

Laser hair removal causes denser hair regrowth

The fact is that laser causes a noticeable reduction in the density and frequency of hair growth. Lasers work by destroying hair follicles of hair when it is in its growth stage. So after treatments, while you will see a marked difference in hair re-growth to the point that you may not need to shave for a long time, you must also remember that lasers cannot stop new follicles, and new hairs from growing over time. The hair that does appear is usually thinner and lighter than earlier though.

Myth #4:

The results will be the same across different skin and hair types

Every person is unique, and will see different results from the same type of laser treatment, depending upon the hair colour, hair thickness and skin type. Lasers get attracted to certain pigments in the hair, and this is how they are able to precisely target only the hair and not affect the surrounding skin. This is why it is difficult to remove white and grey coloured hair. Also, different skin types will have different reactions to the lasers used. The only way to get a better idea about what impact can you expect from the treatment is to get your skin and hair type thoroughly assessed before commencing any treatment.

Myth #5:

It doesn’t matter where you get a laser hair removal from

With so many options from dermatologist and skin clinics to parlours that offer this treatment, it can get tempting to choose a cheaper option. But we want you to be aware that not all laser practitioners will use the same quality of lasers. If you come to a qualified skin clinic like ours, you can rest assured that we only use Class 4 Medical Grade Lasers, which are the most advanced lasers for hair removal today. All of our laser technicians are professionally trained to ascertain the right laser type and setting for use in different cases, for higher effectiveness and safety.

If you would like to get a laser hair removal done, feel free to schedule an appointment for a no-obligation consultation.

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