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  • Acu Crème


    Naturally astringent properties helps keeps pores clean and tight.

  • Acu Mist

    120ml, 60ml

    Acu Mist is a crucial part of the Klear Collection routine.

  • Acu Moist

    15ml, 50ml

    A light non greasy daily crème, Acu Moist works to retain and balance moisture levels within the skin, while regulating oil flow in congested acne prone skins.

  • Betagen Creme


    Formulated with skin rejuvenation peptides Betagen is loaded with vitamins minerals and amino acids.

  • Biogen C Creme

    15ml, 50ml

    Biogen C is an instant pick me up creme for toning and firming dull, reactive or stressed skin.

  • Crème Citrique

    15ml, 50ml

    It is suitable for freckled, dark and oily skin types.

  • Melanotech Creme


    This product is the recommended crème for darker skin tones and those who suffer from hyper-pigmentation.

  • Nite Firming Crème

    15ml, 50ml

    This age management creme is packed with a multitude of active specialised ingredients including vitamin C and grape seed extract.

  • Pro Amino Creme

    15ml, 50ml

    Pro amino contains the essential ingredients necessary for healthy skin cells.

  • Revise-A


    A very versatile formulation designed to maintain a healthy balanced skin, with a gently exfoliating lactic acid.

  • Revitosin


    This versatile product is recommended for both prematurely aged pigmentation and acne prone skins.

  • Super Bright


    DMK’s night creme for revising pigmentation, sun damage and uneven skin tone.