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What You Can Expect After Lip Fillers In Melbourne

By 3 August 2020July 20th, 2023No Comments

Lip fillers have become quite a rage in Melbourne over the last few years. This isn’t surprising, as lip fillers are a simple, quick and non-invasive way to get fuller, plumper lips and an enviable pout. There is no doubt that a lip job can help you completely transform the way you look with minimal effort or downtime. And there is no denying that great looking lips will always be in style!

Lip fillers are just like dermal fillers when it comes to how they work. Apart from plumpness, they also restore moisture and elasticity to the lips, giving you a younger looking smile. There is much information available about getting lip fillers in Melbourne, and you could always read our earlier blog post on this topic here. Most of you will be familiar with the benefits of this procedure, so we aren’t going to talk about those here. But if you are among those who have already made up their minds to get lip fillers, then this post is just what you need to read to know what you can expect after the procedure.

Pre-Procedure Care

Getting lip fillers can be a simple, minimal fuss procedure if you go to the right aesthetician in Melbourne. There will be some pre-procedure care that you will need to follow. This could entail staying away from certain medications, avoiding certain cosmetic creams and staying away from alcohol. You might also be prescribed some supplements like Arnica, to help with quicker bruise healing. As regards the actual procedure, you will be done with it in just a few minutes, and can get back to your day as usual.

What if being beautiful is a choice?

Beauty is not just about being born with a certain set of physical or facial attributes, but also a matter of choice. The same can be said about our skin. There are some things that we cannot change. But there are many that we can. And almost anything that we have can be enhanced with a little help from cosmetic skin care clinics.

Lip fillers: The Life After

It is recommended that you do not schedule your lip filler session very close to an important event, as your lips will need some time to heal and settle post treatment.

Immediately after the procedure, it is natural to feel some initial discomfort and throbbing for a few hours. You can reduce this discomfort by applying some ice packs over the lip area. The swelling and bruising will be visible for anywhere between 48 – 72 hours after the procedure, and will subside on its own naturally. It will also help to continue with the supplements, ice packs and staying away from consuming anything which is very hot.

As the swelling subsides, you will find that your lips look a little less plump. This is nothing to freak out over and is completely natural. This is also when you will get the first glimpse of your new look post your procedure. In case you prefer a more pronounced pout, you can come back for another session after your lips have healed. We recommend that you go slow when it comes to getting lip fillers, and aim for gradually augmenting your lips over a few sessions for a more realistic appearance. You do not want to end up with duck lips, and this strategy will allow you the time to decide what works best for you.

The best part about getting lip fillers is the fact that in case you aren’t completely happy with the results, you can always revert back to your original lips. At Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic, we use hyaluronic acid fillers, which are completely safe, and are absorbed and eliminated by the body over time.

But that notwithstanding, it makes sense to consult with a lip filler expert in Melbourne, for a higher chance of getting it right the first time itself. To know more, you can choose to opt for our no-obligation consultation at any of our branches.

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