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Three Unusual Treatments for Acne

By 13 April 2016October 8th, 2021No Comments

Acne. It’s a teenage rite of passage for many of us, but luckily for the majority it passes once the scourge of puberty has been and gone. However, there are some for whom acne can outlast their teen years and continue on into adulthood, resulting in them experiencing a lack of self-confidence and increased self-consciousness. Fortunately, there are a number of adult acne treatment options available. While at Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic we typically administer skin peels and chemical peels as our preferred method of acne treatment, for the purposes of this blog we’ve decided to look at some of the more unconventional ways people opt to treat the common skin condition. Here are just three of them.


Sorry folks, this isn’t an invitation to pop down to the confectionery aisle of your local supermarket to purchase a packet of sugary marshmallows to stick on your face! We’re talking about marshmallow root here; a plant with healing benefits that you can buy at your local health food store.

Marshmallow root contains tannins and something called ‘mucilage’, which offers soothing properties. Applying the root directly to the affected skin can aid in reducing the severity of inflammation at the site of acne. You can also take marshmallow root internally in capsule form to help reduce inflammation in the body.


The humble potato naturally comes packed with nutrients and ingredients that help to fight acne. You’ll get sulphur, chloride, potassium and phosphorus from the potato, plus the staple vegetable is high in antioxidants – which is beneficial for the growth and regeneration of healthy skin cells. So how does one administer potato as an effective hormonal acne treatment? You can either place slices of a raw potato on the affected skin for five minutes at a time, or if you’re truly committed, you can rub a cut potato all over your face. Just make sure it hasn’t been cooked first!


By far the most divisive of adult acne treatment options, but used by some people nevertheless, it’s unlikely that this acne treatment option will be widely adopted. However, advocates of ‘urotherapy’ point to the fact that urine is 95-98% water, contains no toxins, and features compounds that offer curative benefits. Some people swear it’s the best acne treatment they’ve ever used, applying it to the affected skin with a clean cloth and leaving it for half an hour before washing it off.

Trusted Acne Treatment with Proven Results

Of course, for a far less unconventional method of acne treatment in Melbourne that offers visible results, make an appointment for a chemical peel at the Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic. Skin peels are effective in removing the top layers of skin, which is where dead skin cells are often found. This process ‘tells’ the cells in the lower layers of the skin to regenerate quicker, thus reducing the likelihood of pores becoming clogged. If you would like to reclaim your self-esteem and make an appointment for a chemical peel in Melbourne, get in touch with the Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic today.

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