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Chemical peels, also known as cosmetic peels and face peels, are an excellent treatment option for a variety of skin conditions, ranging from acne through to ageing. Whether you’re looking for mild glycolic peels for skin discolouration or penetrating chemical peels for acne, at the Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic, we offer a range of effective cosmetic peels as an alternative to other beauty therapy options and we pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional level of service to all of our clients.


AHA Enzyme Peel

Ideal for dry, flaking, or sensitive skin, our micro-exfoliating AHA peel is very gentle, soothing and hydrating skin.

Peel Accelerator

Brighten, smooth, and renew your skin with this chirally correct vitamin, antioxidant and hydroxy acid face peel.

Ageless Peel

Target the visible signs of aging with this cosmedical grade Vitamin A, amino acid and marine collagen peel. Working on a dermal level, it encourages a revitalised, smoother and more even complexion.

Purple Peel

Accelerate skin regeneration and resurfacing with this cosmedical grade intensive skin peeling system.

Best Skin Treatments
Laser Hair Removal Pre-Treatment Care

Pre-Post Care

Pre-Treatment Care

Proper pre-peel care will build up the skin’s strength, ensure cosmetic peels are even, and reduce the healing time after treatment.

Preparation for your peel begins 14 days before coming into the clinic. You will need to use a specialised cleanser, as prescribed by your dermal aesthetician, to cleanse your skin once a day. In addition, you need to use an SPF30+ sunscreen every day.

Post-Treatment Care

As each peel and its effect varies, so too will post-care treatment. While our clinicians will advise you on the specific post-care regime for your selected treatment, there is general advice that applies to all peels:

  • Your skin will be tender – be gentle with it.
  • Don’t pick, scrub, or peel the skin, as this can lead to complications. Instead, wait a few days and gently exfoliate with the product your clinician recommends.
  • Don’t use any scrubs, exfoliants or acne cleaners other than those recommended by your clinician. They will slow down the healing process by irritating the skin.
  • Continue to protect your skin after a face peel with SPF30+ sunscreen every day.

Q & A

What can I expect during the facial peel treatment at one of your clinics near me?

Initially, your skincare professional will discuss your concerns and note anything you wish to improve about your skin. This will help them determine the best types of peels for your specific skin, from chemical peels for acne through to chemical peels for dry skin. You will need to explain how you currently look after your skin so they can tailor a skincare routine and treatment to achieve your desired results. Your skin will be cleansed and assessed, followed by exfoliation, vitamin serums, massage and a mask. Extractions and other advanced electrotherapies may also be incorporated into your chemical peels treatment. You will leave with skin that feels smooth, fresh and revived.

What conditions can be corrected with a treatment?

People commonly book skin peels for:

  • Acne – Chemical peels for acne can help to clear active acne and reduce pigmentation caused by acne scarring. TCA and salicylic acid face peels are among the best options for acne.
  • Sensitivity – A face peel for sensitivity can help to encourage cellular repair and improve barrier function, leaving it looking clearer and more evenly toned.
  • Oily skin – Cosmetic peels for oily skin penetrate deep into clogged pores, helping to reduce oil secretions and prevent blemishes.
  • Dry skin – Chemical peels for dry skin work by shedding dry, dead skin to reveal the younger looking skin beneath.
  • Sun damaged and prematurely aged skin – A chemical peel for sun damaged or ageing skin removes the top layer of old skin to reveal younger skin that’s smoother and less wrinkled in appearance.
  • Congested skin with blackheads and whiteheads – Chemical peels for blackheads and whiteheads can help to clear marks, reduce the size of pores and minimise scarring.
  • Combination (oily and dry) skin – A face peel for combination skin works by shedding dry skin while also reducing oil production, leaving skin perfectly balanced.
  • Dark circles and puffiness around the eyes – Cosmetic peels for eye circles and puffiness can help to reduce pigmentation and improve collagen in the skin, resulting in skin that looks fresh and youthful.

What are the advantages of a chemical peel?

Because this professional treatment will use a blend of products and ingredients which are stronger than most homecare products, it will be more effective than at-home facial treatments, but also complement well other in-clinic skin therapy treatments, achieving fantastic results. The treatment process for our chemical peels will vary depending on the individual’s needs and will be tailored to suit your skin by your skincare professional.

How many treatments will I need?

As everyone is different, your skincare professional will work with you to plan an individual and realistic course of chemical peels treatment. You may require cosmetic peels once a month or even once every few months.

I have sensitive skin, can I have a facial?

Yes. if you have sensitive skin, the face peel used will be gentle and calming to minimise any adverse reactions. Sensitive skin can benefit from professional facial treatments as it is often an impaired barrier function which encourages the skin to overreact to products. Barrier function can be restored with protective hydration and vitamins and minerals.

Is there a clinic in my area?

The Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic has 4 convenient locations around Melbourne:
Hawthorn, Melbourne CBD, Mt Waverley and Viewbank.
For more information or to find out the cost of our services, click here

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