Energy C Complex


Four weeks of intensive antioxidant, moisturising and tensor treatment that stimulates the skins ability to protect against free radicals. Ultra concentrated vitamin C (10%) is encapsulated in the protective cap to keep its properties unaltered until it is used. Once vitamin C has been released, store the serum in the freezer and use for seven consecutive days. Each bottle corresponds to one week of treatment . To keep the skin in optimum conditions, it is recommended to repeat the treatment every four months.


Apply the contents of one pipette (1 ml) at night onto the face, neck and neckline using a gentle circular motion until it is fully absorbed.

  • 10% Ascorbyl glucoside.
  • Osilift: Tensor of plant origin with anti-wrinkle properties.
  • Vitamin E: Improves skin nourishing and elasticity and provides a response to fine wrinkles and expression lines.