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Effective Professional Blackhead Removal to Regain Your Confidence

While there are many blackhead products available from the supermarket or chemist, these products are often ineffective and may in fact exacerbate the problem. Our professional blackhead extraction treatments offer a much more effective alternative. At Victorian Laser & Skin clinic, we have been successful in minimising the appearance of blackheads, by using a variety of treatments such skin peels and microdermabrasion.

Do Blackhead Extractions Hurt?

While blackhead extraction can cause mild discomfort in some individuals, this is usually very minor and also very short-lived. If you would like to feel little to no discomfort at all, you might like to consider one of our other treatment options for blackheads, such as microdermabrasion or skin peels.

Laser Hair Removal Pre-Treatment Care

Signs and Symptoms

Blackheads and whiteheads are incredibly common. They affect people of all ages but are most prevalent in adolescents during puberty. They not only look unsightly, but can also cause pain and redness. Fortunately, there are professional whitehead and blackhead treatments available that are effective and successful for most sufferers.


These are characterised by flat brown or black dots that vary in size and are often located on the face. They may become inflamed as a result of infection, which can cause a reddening of the surrounding area.


These are raised bumps that, as their name suggests, are white or slightly yellow in colour. They vary in size and most commonly seen on the face.


Both blackheads and whiteheads occur as a result of a clogged hair follicle (comedo). What makes them different, however, is the type of comedo and what causes it to be clogged.


These are known as ‘open comedones’ because, although the follicle is blocked, the blockage is open to the air. They occur as a result of excess facial oil and sebum production, dry skin and dirt – which cause the follicle to become blocked – while oxidisation makes them follicle appear brown or black. When a blackhead extraction facial is performed, all oil, sebum, dry skin and dirt is gently squeezed from the follicle.


Whiteheads are known as ‘closed comedones’, as the blocked follicle is closed to the air. Like blackheads, whiteheads are caused by excess facial oil and sebum production, dry skin and dirt. The difference between the two lies in the presence of bacteria that result in whiteheads. Propionibacterium Acnes bacteria multiply in the clogged pore causing redness, infection and the production of pus. As the clogged follicle is closed to the air, the pus stays underneath the skin.

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Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic

How Can We Help?

As part of our professional blackhead removal in our Melbourne clinics, we offer skin peels and microdermabrasion to eradicate unsightly clogged follicles. We can also perform an extraction facial that’s successful for removing blackheads.

Contact us today to find out more or seek answers to any questions you may have.


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