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Skin Conditions

Acne Removal Treatment Melbourne

Acne is a common skin condition that affects a large proportion of the population. It is characterised by redness, papules, whiteheads, pimples, and blackheads. The condition is often painful due to inflammation of the skin and lesions that occur as a result of picking at the affected areas.

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Age Spots Removal Treatment Melbourne

Visit one of the Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic’s three locations to receive effective age spots treatment in Melbourne CBD, Hawthorn or Mt Waverley.

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Broken Facial Capillaries Treatment Melbourne

The Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic has expert practitioners performing broken capillaries treatment in Melbourne CBD, Hawthorn and Mt Waverley.

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Effective Acne Scar Treatment for Reliable Results

One of the major side effects of acne is scarring; almost every case of this condition leads to temporary or permanent scarring. These scars are characterised by redness, uneven texture, changes in colour, and deep pits in the skin. They are often hard (or impossible) to conceal with makeup and can result in years of psychological damage, making acne scarring treatment an increasingly popular option.

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Effective Professional Blackhead Removal to Regain Your Confidence

The Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic offers professional blackhead removal in Melbourne from our clinics in Hawthorn, Mt Waverley and the CBD.

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Enlarged Pores Treatment Melbourne

Pores are small openings in the skin that are connected to hair follicles, sweat glands and oil glands. They are necessary for body temperature regulation, the secretion of toxins, and keeping the skin moisturised. In general, pores are quite small and barely noticeable, but in some cases they can become enlarged. Enlarged pores give the appearance of pits in the skin; resulting in an uneven skin tone.

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Experience No Stretch Marks With Proven Treatment

If unsightly stretch marks are causing you to lose confidence in your body, give the team at the Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic a call. We offer targeted stretch mark removal in Melbourne with friendly, fully trained practitioners.

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Facial Volume Treatment Melbourne

The loss of collagen and elastin is a natural part of the ageing process.

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Freckle Removal Treatment Melbourne

The Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic is a leading practitioner of the laser photo rejuvenation method for freckle treatment in Melbourne.

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Ingrown Hair Treatment Melbourne

If you are suffering from the physical discomfort or embarrassment of unsightly ingrown hairs, the Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic can help.

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Lip Enhancement

While some of us are simply born with thinner lips than others, a loss of volume in the lips is also a natural result of the ageing process. As we age, our bodies lose facial fat and produce less collagen – a protein responsible for supporting soft tissue and giving lips their fullness. This collagen breakdown and subsequent thinning of the lips can be exacerbated by sun exposure.

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The Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic has qualified practitioners offering laser rosacea treatment in Melbourne at our clinics in the CBD, Hawthorn and Mt Waverley.

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Scarring is a product of the body’s natural wound-healing process after illness or injury. A scar is made up of the fibrous tissue that replaces the lost or injured skin.

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Sun Spots

The Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic has been providing effective sun spots treatment to Melbourne clients for fifteen years. Talk to ask about how one of our targeted treatment programs can give you the confidence that comes with blemish-free skin.

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What is Laser Pigmentation Removal and how does it work?

Contact the Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic to find out how our laser pigmentation removal in Melbourne can effectively eliminate freckles, sunspots and other examples of unsightly skin pigmentation.

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Victorian Skin & Laser Clinic offers injections as an effective treatment in wrinkle reduction to Melbourne clients. These are available at our Hawthorn, Mt Waverley and CBD clinics.

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