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At the Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic, we have qualified and experienced dermal therapists offering a highly effective treatment for rosacea at our nearby clinics in Hawthorn, Mt Waverley, Melbourne CBD and Viewbank. Book a consultation with one of our experienced team members and enjoy the confidence that comes with being free of the facial redness that typically associated with the condition.

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Typical Signs and Symptoms

In addition to the facial redness, rosacea is sometimes accompanied by pimples. It is a very noticeable skin condition which, while usually painless, can be a source of great embarrassment for the sufferer. The condition typically affects the face and the scalp, though in some people it can extend further down the chest, neck and back. Our treatments for rosacea are capable of significantly reducing the visible signs of the skin condition.

What Causes Rosacea?

The direct cause of rosacea is unknown, although there are several contributing factors that are thought to trigger an episode or enhance pre-existing symptoms. These include:

  • The weather (heat from sunlight, cold wind)
  • Changes in temperature (moving between temperature extremes)
  • Psychology (stress, anxiety)
  • Diet (alcohol, caffeine, spicy food)
  • Medications (steroids, etc.)

It should be noted that there is much contention surrounding the role that these factors have in causing or aggravating rosacea.

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Who is Most Susceptible to Rosacea?

The condition appears to be most prevalent among:

  • Women reaching the menopausal stage
  • People with fair skin
  • Those with blonde hair and blue eyes
  • People aged between 30 and 60 years

If you believe you might be experiencing signs and symptoms of the skin condition, make an appointment for a consultation today.

There are two main types of rosacea which can be treated. Each of the following responds positively to treatment, though results might vary from person to person.

Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea

This is characterised by a permanently red face that can become increasingly red quite easily as a result of flushing or blushing. Blood vessels below the surface of the skin can become dilated, causing broken capillaries (spider veins). The skin is often very sensitive and sufferers may experience a burning or itching sensation.

Papulopustular Rosacea

This form of rosacea involves permanent redness, red papules and pustules. The appearance of papulopustular is often confused with acne due to characteristic similarities.

Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic

How Can We Help?

We provide Enzyme Therapy as the main treatment for rosacea to Melbourne clients. We also offer LED light therapy which uses Laser Light to produce a healing effect, thereby reducing redness and improving the overall appearance of rosacea. A laser treatment can be combined in the treatment program to treat any present broken capillaries and can help with to reduce overall redness.

For more information on how our targeted rosacea treatment program could help you, please contact one of our specialists at one of our clinics around Melbourne.

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